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Steel and Wool - Kim Beggs' Album Campaign


Steel and Wool, the album, is a collection of songs that make you feel and think. It empowers your head to understand your heart. It helps you to understand the heads and hearts of the people around you. It is album of anguish and wonder. 

Steel and Wool will be self produced in the studio with excellent engineers working along side. I have spent the last two years prolifically writing and cowriting. I have also been building my skills, making art and developing film ideas to share with you. 

I am looking for you to be on my Steel and Wool Team! By doing so you’ll be actively participating in the creation of the music you love – not only sustaining my imaginative vision, but also nourishing a stronger and better community through music. 

I am dedicated to serving the world with music. I am told time and time again how much my music uplifts and empowers the people who receive it. I am constantly humbled and grateful for this and it moves me to keep on creating. 

I am dedicated to paying fair wages to all the session musicians, sound engineers, producers, co-writers, and everyone else involved in creating the album. Fair wages are paid either by the hour, by the song or by the day and is based on what each contractor charges. Your investment will benefit all the hard working people contracted to bring this album to life – all those who build the foundation of music in our world and inside our hearts. 

Why GoFundMe Crowd Sourcing? 

GoFundMe is a platform that gives most flexibility to myself and to you. GoFundMe takes the lowest fee and you can choose to tip them or not.

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