Can’t Drive Slow Yodel

Can’t Drive Slow Yodel (from the Beggs album Blue Bones), is a claymation using the same song as the script. It features a musician speeding down the highway and then gets pulled over by a police officer. The story is a conversation between the musician and the officer where she talks about why she can’t drive slowly and he tells her why she should. Focus on the impact of fast paced on the spirit, the earth and the environment.

Norma McBean, a Yukon Elder

Norma McBean, a Yukon Elder (89 years) embarks on her daily walk into her downtown community. With her walker as her aid, and a friend in tow, she reveals (through narrative), the importance of elders being part of the community in terms of giving and receiving and also sharing who they are. Rain or shine, winter or summer, Norma goes out walking everyday alone, or to meet friends for coffee or lunch. She reflects on her life as a photographer and spiritual person in a culturally diverse community. The end theme song is Walking Down to the Station (from the Beggs album Wanderer’s Paean).

Longest Dream

Longest Dream (from the Beggs album Blue Bones), is a colorful music animation video that features a tiny tiger, a beautiful old rusted circular saw blade, lots of glass beads coming and going, emotive claymation and painting on paper. The lyrics, about letting go and other things, are poetic and wrenching. The voice is unique and pure. The song, Longest Dream (from the album Blue Bones), received Honorable Mention in the 2011 International Songwriting Competition. The video was nominated for a 2011 Western Canadian Music Award.

Lay It All Down

Lay It All Down (from the Beggs album Wanderer’s Paean), is a fast paced train trip. Kim travels across Canada from Toronto to Vancouver, through the Canadian Prairies and Rockies, using her small digital camera to capture video.

Pieces of Sun

Shipyards Park…?

A Smokers’ Section