Y.F.A.i.R.E 2022

Yukon Fresh A.i.R Exchange


We are so proud to announce that the 2022 YFAIRE will take place at Fort Selkirk July 14 - 24, 2022.

2022 Program!


Register for the 2022 Yukon Fresh Exchange to take workshops and receive mentorship sessions from the Artists in Residence.

Registration form: https://bit.ly/3aNVqms 

Artist in Residence Submissions are now closed.

Other Important information:

Historic weather information at Fort Selkirk in July 2021: https://bit.ly/3vmSdkv

Travel to Fort Selkirk for Artists in Residence: https://bit.ly/3rvudus

What to bring for 10 days camping at Fort Selkirk: https://bit.ly/3xx73rA 

Questions? email Kim Beggs at yukonfaire (at) gmail.com 


The selected Artists in Residence for YFAiRE 2022 are:

Natasha Henderson – visual art 

Janelle Hardy - literary, visual art 

Doug Smarch – visual art, wisdom 

Saskia Blagaj-Berger - film, visual art 

Lulu Keating - film, literary

Maya Chartier – visual art 

Terri-Lynn Driemeyer – visual art 

Nicole Bauberger – visual art, literary, music

Dennis McCormick - dodge appreciator, lyric writer, camp assistant

Heidi Marion - visual art, co-producer

Kim Beggs - music, visual art, co-producer


Presence of Elders

Audrey Trudeau - traditional visual artist

Franklin Roberts - musician, jack of all trades

Don Trudeau - literary wisdom writer


Yukon based artists (emerging, midlevel and advanced artistic levels) of all ages, genders (LGBTQ2+), cultures and race were invited to apply. Artistic disciplines include visual art, music/songwriting, literary/storytelling, film, theatre, performance and more. Ten artists will be coming together this summer over 10 days/nights.  They will create new works, collaborate, connect, perform and share knowledge -- once more at a glorious Yukon location! Organizers are planning to locate this year's YFAiRE at Fort Selkirk, a former trading post on the Yukon River at the confluence of the Pelly River. 

All artists will camp in their tents and prepare their own food at this beautiful Yukon Historic Site, which is accessible only by boat. Boat transport will be provided to selected artists from the Pelly River Farm to Fort Selkirk on Thursday, July 14. Transportation back from Fort Selkirk to Pelly River Farm will be on Sunday July 24. All artists must be present at Fort Selkirk for the entire duration of the Exchange. 

There is no internet or cell service at Fort Selkirk. There will be a satellite phone for emergencies only. There is one generator-driven plug outlet available for charging devices and printing B&W text materials. There is also a water pump for drinking water. 

Professional artists of all levels (emerging, mid-level, advanced) will be selected. 

Artists will make themselves available to anyone at Fort Selkirk in these ways: 

  • By creating artwork in the open air, observable by all 
  • By facilitating one creative workshop 
  • By providing mentorship consultations 

Artists-in-Residence will create, explore, connect, share and get feedback on their works. Opportunities to respectfully share work with peers will occur at campfires and various locations and buildings at the fort. They may share something from their main artistic discipline or - most encouraged - take risks by sharing from other disciplines they have been exploring. 

YFAiRE exists to support artists' evolution and impact in our territory. By giving time and space, Artists-in-Residence can deepen connections through: 

  • transferring artistic techniques during workshops and demonstration 
  • creating new works 
  • connecting with one another through discussions 
  • observing one another’s new works coming to life 

It is this very support for artistic evolution that strengthens and expands the creative fabric of the Yukon. 

Pandemic safety precautions will follow the recommendations of the Government of Yukon Health and Safety and Chief Medical Officer. Ideally, the general public will be welcome to attend in person.  Should government recommendations not permit this, then all workshops, artistic creations and performances will be filmed using a smart phone and shared online at a later date.