Keno City Music, Art and Literary Workshop 2019.

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Keno City Music, Art and Lit Workshop! 
(by donation / pay what you can afford)

MAY 22, 2019 
For immediate release 

The Keno City Community Club is pleased to announce the Keno Music, Art and Literature Workshop, a unique opportunity to collaborate, create, and learn from each other in one of the Yukon’s most charming and inspiring locations. 

The workshop will be taking place from June 13 – 24, 2019 in Keno City, Yukon. The workshop is made possible through financial support from the Yukon Government via Yukon Arts Fund, On Yukon Time, Lotteries Yukon as well as from business sponsors. 

This year the workshop will be “by donation” or “pay what you can afford” with the suggested amount being $300 for two full three day weekends of creative workshops. This includes 18 workshops in art, music and literature (supplies included) along with two hours of one-on-one consultations with the Artists in Residence. All evening concerts, readings, open mics and art displays are free and open to anyone. 

Registrations for individual workshops are available immediately. Priority for workshop space will go to people who are pre-registered. Space in workshops is limited to 15 participants per workshop. 

Come spend twelve days of peaceful, fun, resourceful, creative time in Keno City, Yukon. Make new friends or keep to yourself. 

Evening activities and open mics will bring people together with the community of Keno to enjoy artistic creations and musical performances and readings from Artists in Residence and the general public, including tourists and other artists who may drop in. Some evenings will be around campfires, other evenings will be more festival-like and take place inside various venues around Keno including Keno Hotel and the Sourdough Roadhouse. 

The various workshops offer dedicated time and space during the day to write, make music and visual art (including film) in an environment that nurtures inspiration. The Artists in Residence facilitating these workshops will be on site to guide, support and to offer peer consultations in music, visual and literary arts. The workshops are suitable for musicians, visual artists and writers of all levels. 

The artists in residence/instructors for the 2019 Keno Workshop include: 

Doug Smarch (Teslin, YT) 
Tlingit Multi-Disciplinary Artist 

Doug Smarch Jr. was raised in the traditional lifestyle of the Inland Tlingit People of Teslin, Yukon. As a child he learned to use the natural environment creatively by his parents, Doug and Jane Smarch, including stone, bone and wood carving. 

Doug has an Associates of Fine Arts Degree (Institute of American Indian Arts, 1999). He made the National Dean’s List of the United States and was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honours Society. He has a BFA (San Francisco Arts Institute, 2001). He also received an MFA in Design Media Arts (UCLA, 2004). 

Doug’s award winning art can be found in PANAM Games (Toronto, 2015), National Gallery of Canada, EXPO (Aichi, Japan, 2005), and Museum of Native Americans (Zurich, Switzerland). He has won competition commission for 
Ice and Flowers (Haines Junction, 2011), Ignition (2009), National Film Board of Canada (Vancouver Winter Olympics, 2010), Into the Forest (SYANA Yukon Permanent Art Collection, 2000), and Our Life in Stone (Iqaluit, NWT, 1999). 

Doug currently resides in Teslin, harnessing creativity from the juxtaposition between traditional Tlingit art forms and contemporary translations. Currently he is exploring protocols, consumerism, globalization and transitioning non-cultural items and found objects into masterpieces of beauty. 

Skin Boat Construction 
how to make a skin boat frame from the forest using spruce and pine trees...and lashing them together with hand cut babiche 

Smarch Mentorship Topics: boat building, working with wood, living life 

Lulu Keating (Dawson City, YT) 
Film and Literary Artist 

Lulu Keating is an award-winning writer, producer and filmmaker. Her films are predominantly independent dramas, animated films and documentaries, and she has also produced for the NFB, CBC and History Television. Her films have screened at festivals from Chicago to Copenhagen and her work has been honoured with numerous awards around the world. 

Making a film with your iPhone or iPad - This two hour workshop will introduce participants to shooting and editing with their personal devices, iPhone or iPad. It will describe shooting, importing shots into the iMovie app and editing. No previous experience required. 

Kick the Day Job - how to make a living as an artist- This workshop starts with recognizing obstacles and dismantling them, then setting realistic goals to grow your portfolio, your network and your experience. It includes information on grant writing, applying for residencies, and exhibition of your work. 

Lulu Mentorship Topics: Filmmaking, Film Editing, Surviving the Industry, Business and the Arts 

Meshell Melvin (Whitehorse, YT) 
Visual Artist 

From her beginnings in southern Ontario to the Yukon home she chose Meshell Melvin has been making art. In a professional practice that spans 29 years her images have been drawn, printed, painted, animated, collaged and embroidered.. Her images reflect an interest and curiosity in the world around her; the people, the homes they live in, and the surrounding landscape. Her work hangs in Private and Public collections, and has been featured in print on radio and television and in two short documentary films. 

Wallpaper Collage 
Participants will be encouraged to create an image using cut or torn fragments of colour and pattern from a collection of wallpaper. 

Textile Collage 
Participants will be encouraged to create an image using pieces of colour, texture and pattern from a collection of Textile. 

Melvin Mentorship Topics: Portfolio Review, Critique of new work, Quick lessons in drawing, A happy dance around the colour wheel 

Driftwood Holly (Dawson City, YT) 
Music and Visual Artist 
Dawson City,YT 

Born in East Germany, Holly skied jumped competitively by age 7. At 19 he was drafted as a guard to the Berlin Wall and saw it go down. Holly then travelled to some 40 countries and began to play guitar on the road. Canoeing the Yukon River, he settled in Dawson City Yukon, raised two kids with his wife Kirsten on a homestead, made driftwood art and wrote songs. 

His albums comprise of the log home recording of “Little Lilly Mammoth Hair” (2013) and “Aura Borealis” recorded in Castle Studios to Dresden (2015). Driftwood Holly toured in Europe, performing in old paddle wheelers and castles for a distinctive experience. 

Currently recording “Casanova” in Venice, Italy with Jäcki Reznicek and Pavel Oswald. Also Adrian Dehn (White Dukes) , Basti Reznicek (Romano/Stamping Feet), Daniel Stark (Midnight Sons) and Lori Goldston (Nirvana /more). 

Driftwood spends his summers on his houseboat “The Wooden Pearl”, anchored in Dawson City. 

Driftwood Mentorship Topics: Holly Consultations, How art is received, Branding and marketing, Songwriting, 
Touring in Germany. 

Cynthia Hamar (Entwistle, AB) 
Musical and Visual Artist 

Cynthia Hamar is an Alberta born Metis, folksy singer songwriter with 3 full length albums to date. Hamar’s most recent album “ The Son & I” like the title suggests was a collaborative effort between Hamar and her 18 year old son. The album was recorded in Edmonton, AB, mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios and was released to radio where it charted on numerous college radio stations across the US and Canada as well as acquired TV Licenses with TLC and Discovery Network. Hamar has been nominated for GMA’s (2007- “Fairytale”) as well as the Toronto Music Awards(2017-” The Son & I”) and The Indigenous Music Awards (2017-” The Son & I”) 

Songwriting Building Blocks 1 
Exploring the components of a song, deconstruct a favorite tune and make a map for a new one. (this could go as long or as short as needed, if time next step would be to use that map to create a new song) 
Songwriting Building Block 2 
Discussing what makes a song catchy. What makes a hook. Looking at some song layouts and techniques and choosing one to build. Song critique ( encouraging and uplifting only!!) time to rehash and perhaps share tune with the group 

Hamar Mentorship Topics: Basic guitar, vocal warm ups, singing harmony, beginner theory ( circle of 5ths, time signatures, scales), co-writing with kids and youth, song critiques 

Cindy Miller (Agassiz, BC) 
Musical Artist 

The call of all things familiar and all things distant resonate with me as they strike a chord within, and my soul tunes in to all that awakens my senses. Cindy is a passionate and vastly creative individual who finds artistic beauty in wisps of golden grasses and rusty forlorn bits of metal alike. As an accomplished singer, songwriter and music teacher, life evokes much inspiration from which she creates art in many facets of her everyday life. Her artwork is classical and flirtatious with life, highlighting the healing power of art in all humanity in a poetic and authentic style. 

The healing power of words – a workshop on writing for all walks and moments of life, from simplicity to the very depth of words that help us gain connection with ourselves and with others. 
Songwriting at Piano 
Even if you know NOTHING about piano. Engaging and fun way to find new inspiration and a new avenue to explore songwriting. 

Miller Mentorship Topics: Music theory in more depth, Chord progressions, Songwriting, Piano lesson and/or songwriting at the piano, Artform collaboration and inspiration 

Dieter Weise (Dawson City, YT) 
Musical, Visual and Literary Artist 

Playing With Echoes! 
Writing in a traditional poetic form is a fun and simple way to generate ideas and create complex effects! In this workshop, participants will take a look at a few examples of different forms of short poems from history, and try their hand at writing whichever is most appealing. Of particular interest will be forms that might lend themselves to being set to music (in the second workshop), and which even "write themselves" by embedding repeated lines and rhyme schemes into the structure. Good forms to consider include the villanelle, pantoum, Ghazal, and sonnets. 

Resounding Verse! 
Poets are welcome to bring back their poems from the first workshop, or to try writing a new poem in another form. In this workshop we'll be setting our poems to music... overlaying song forms onto the poems. It'll be experimental in character, and might generate some unusual tunes! For example, a villanelle with its stanzas set to the same melody would land the same phrase at different places in the melody as the song goes on. Or one of the stanzas of a sonnet could be turned into a chorus section, with the last couplet becoming a bridge. There's no limit to the possibilities. 

Weise Mentorship Topics: songwriting, beginner guitar, lead guitar, poetic forms, basic voice harmony, concertina and harmonica. I can provide people accompaniment on guitar, piano, or bass, and provide assistance with recording and general logistics help. 

Eric Epstein (Whitehorse, YT) 
Music and Theatre Artist 

Performance - working with the things that people bring (poetry, song, dance, whatever) and help them enhance and feel stronger and less self-conscious (if this is an issue with them). Work from text that I provide…possibly Shakespearean sonnets or other piece of poetry. This work can be approached through the voice work that I teach (Iris Warren/Kristin Linklater techniques.) 

History and singalongs about labour and protest songs (including mining songs). Theatrical forms including theatre/trust games and other developmental techniques. 

Epstein Mentorship: Performance, presentation, theatre 

Kim Beggs (Whitehorse, YT) 
Music and Visual Artist - Workshop Producer 

Sincere, vulnerable, clear eyed and tough, Yukon's Kim Beggs has garnered 7 Western Canadian Music Award nominations, including Solo Roots Album 2018 and 3 Canadian Folk Music Award nominations plus a recent nomination for an Independent Music Award for her fifth solo album, Said Little Sparrow. Kim delivers a heartfelt darkness in a beautiful back woods, beat driven performance. Kim has toured with Buffy Saint Marie, Chris Jagger and more. 

Beggs Mentorship Topics: Songwriting and Melody Development, Music Biz and crowd fundraising for projects. 

Kelly Scott (Whitehorse, YT) 
Music Artist - Assistant Workshop Producer 

Kelly Scott has lived in Whitehorse for 5 years now. She was born in Ontario and graduated with a BA in Modern Languages and Sociology from Bishop’s University. She has been teaching in a Montessori classroom for 5 years in Whitehorse with grades 1-3 at the Yukon Montessori School. On school breaks Kelly can be found creating jewelry, crocheting, writing poetry, jotting down skits for future reference, playing guitar, working on singing harmonies, dancing, or journaling. Kelly is a creative individual who blossomed at Keno’s workshops in 2018, performing on stage for the first time and finding confidence in her craft. She is now back, full of excitement, as she is the Assistant Producer and super stoked to work alongside Kim Beggs and the other artists in residence. 

Dale Harnish (Whitehorse, YT) 

Quotes From Previous Years: 

“This was a FANTASTIC idea. And I think a perfect combination of workshop topics and location.” 

“Such a healing, creative experience. It was an absolute honour to be involved.” 

“I think [Keno] was a great location! So many beautiful, unique, interesting, crooked and quirky sites and characters to inspire art and music.” 

“I felt the instructors gave us adequate information and instruction for each class to really feel inspired to go create and experiment with pieces of our own further.” 

“Keno is exactly right – variety of lodging, food, great history and lots of venues to pick from. It’s accessible to all ages.” 

"When I think of Keno I have happy memories of a town that is just the right size and a feeling of being nicely isolated and rambling around on foot and looking at it all through an Arts lens…allowing myself to do this, for a whole week, and to ‘be’ in that space, was indulgence at its finest.” 

For further information contact Workshop Producer Kim Beggs at: or 867-334-8696 

To register, go to: 

Kim Beggs 
Artistic Director/Producer