Kim Beggs has been writing songs for over a decade. She writes and records her own songs as well co-writes with other artists and filmmakers. Her songwriting has received international acclaim. 

Her very first song written, Lowdown, was recorded as a bonus track Kim Barlow’s Juno Award nominated album Gingerbread. Her second song written, Shipyards Song was recorded and placed as a theme song for the CBC TV documentary, Shipyards Lament: Lost Frontier. Many of her songs have been placed in Film and Television. The quality of her singing, her writing and the recording itself, lends itself well to film placement. 

It would be four years later, in 2004 that Kim would release her first full-length album Streetcar Heart. She released her second album Wanderer’s Paean two years later, her third album Blue Bones in 2010. 

Kim Beggs’ fourth, Pretty Good, was recorded as duo (The Blue Warblers) with band mate, Natalie Edelson in 2012. 

Kim Beggs will be releasing her fifth album in late 2012. 

She hosts songwriting workshops for youth in the schools as well as for adults.