From the recording Beauty and Breaking

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Kim Beggs | Lyrics from Beauty and Breaking

Beauty and Breaking

By Kim Beggs
key of D

6m 6m 6m 6m
2m 2m 6m 6m
1 1 1 6m 6m
2m 2m 6m 6m

1 1 6m 6m
3m 3m 6m 6m

verse intro

Kim Beggs - guitar, vocal
David Baxter - electric guitar, piano
Brian Kobayakawa - bass
Roman Tome - percussion
John Showman - fiddle
Suzie Ungerleider - harmony vocal

Heard the crack on the evening
When they told me that you would be taken
I knew that something was wrong
The fever inside you was strong

Oh ooh oh

Time spent on the rivers and mountains
That moonshine makers had found
Walkin’ and findin’, mappin’ and blazin’
Cookin’ and burnin’, sleepin’ and yearnin’

Oh ooh oh
Oh ooh oh

When you left, my soul it was shaken
Time all alone would be hard
Harder than all my thinking in spring
Harder than beauty and breaking

Oh ooh oh

break Oh ooh oh

I remember the crack in the evening
When I heard your last breath leaving
The look in your eyes couldn’t tell me good-bye
Something inside me is keeping

Oh ooh oh
Oh ooh oh