1. Mama’s Dress

From the recording Blue Bones

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Kim Beggs | Lyrics from Blue Bones

Mama’s Dress

by Kim Beggs

John Raham - drums
Keith Lowe - double bass
Steve Dawson - electric slide guitar, mellotron, National Style-O
Chris Gestrin - organ
Laurie Lewis - harmony
Kim Beggs - guitar, vocal

Wearing Mama’s dress out on the corner
Flowers are wrinkled, buttons are broken
The dust from the road and the wind, make her blue
For the sun wants to fade her memory's tattoo

Aching and spinning in back of her mask
Her eyes far away and with no voice to ask
Of faith that has drained from the hole in her heart
Where Mama and Papa, from this world, departed
Mama and Papa

And now the whole world passes by
Papa no longer can light up in her darkness

She’s flying, she’s falling with a limp in her wing
Her ebb and her flow don’t know what to sing her
Asleep on the street bench, it’s rain or it’s cold
She dreams of fresh flowers and buttons of gold
Flowers, Mama’s dresses, and promises gold