From the recording Blue Bones

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Kim Beggs | Lyrics from Blue Bones

Can’t Drive Slow Yodel

by Kim Beggs

John Raham - drums
Keith Lowe - electric bass
Steve Dawson - electric slide guitar, percussion
Chris Gestrin - Werlitzer
Joey Wright - mandolin
Jeanne Tolmie - harmony
Kim Beggs - guitar, vocal

I was driving down a lonesome Road
In my highway pony with the radio
When lights went whirly and I got pulled over
By the handsome man with the golden shoulders
He looked at me, he asked if I knew
I looked at him, I told him the truth
I ain’t having a baby, and there’s no rodeo
Its just because I can’t drive slow


Can’t drive slow when I’m hittin’ the road
Can’t drive slow through the great unknown
When I’m driving down another Tennessee road
I can’t drive HOME slow to my Yukon Gold.

Can’t drive slower than the money I owe
Can’t drive slower than my yodelly ode
For a thousand miles on the AlCan highway
Can’t drive slow to my Yukon hidaway

Well the handsome man with the golden shoulders
He weren’t thinkin’ bout another donut holder
They’re drilling for oil, it’s the brand new gold
He said I’ll let you go but you need to know

Pedal to the metal for the company store
Pedal to the metal wasting precious gold
Pedal to the metal causes world woe

Well the only way cause I can’t drive slowly
Is to float down the water on my river pony
Put on my shoes and for a walk about
Or imagine the world from my own front porch

I gotta write folk yodels when the weather is colder
That you don’t mind hearing over and over
Over and over til I’m older and older
Just because I can’t drive slow
I can’t drive slow