From the recording Blue Bones

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Kim Beggs | Lyrics from Blue Bones

Bring Out Your Bones

By Kim Beggs

John Raham - drums
Keith Lowe - electric bass
Steve Dawson - mandotar, National tricone
Chris Gestrin - organ
Laurie Lewis - harmony
Kim Beggs - guitar, vocal

Up in the morning, into your blues
Out of your closet and your sad old tunes
In the shady grove who doesn’t wanna shower
Wallowin’ hollowin’ sweet and sour

Bring out your bones put ’em on the counter
Bring out your bones before you flounder
In the deep dark ocean of your heart

Lost in the hunt, scared in the woods
What d’you keep? Whatever you could
Breakin’ the seal on a barrel full of tears
Water for salt, water for years.

Turn up the burner, get it all going
Boil up, boil down, night til morning
Back to the land, back your heart
Your rickety bones are coming apart

A little bit a lonesome gone from home
Cold and weary northern the road
Long for reasons dead and gone
Wanna feel the love of Daddy and Mommy

Out of your clothes, out of your blues
Big boned soup with a sweet old tune
From the shady grove has gone to flowerin’
Waller and holler in the midnight hour