From the recording Wanderer’s Paean

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Kim Beggs | Lyrics from Wanderer’s Paean

Up From the River

by Kim Beggs

Kim Beggs - vocals, guitar
Bob Hamilton - rayco, upright bass
Annie Avery - harmonium

I passed through my Mama in her last cry
I kept warm in the blood of her thighs
They told me that I took her life
On that cold winter morning she gave me mine

My Papa swore he’d be comin’ home
Before the winter, before I’m born
He didn’t want to leave poor Mama to cope with
My poor Papa died in the cold, cold war

Up from the river I am flyin’
To the place in my heart where it’s dyin’
Up to the sky no more crying
My Mama’s gonna sing me a lullabyin’

Raised at the river by the old ones tryin’
Their best in the hard times and baby’s cryin’
For the arms, the spirit, the blood of my family
The song in my heart calls me to heaven

Make a tea of my bitter view
Make it strong, make it true
Make it sweet with the morning dew
It’s ready when my love pass through