From the recording Wanderer’s Paean

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Kim Beggs | Lyrics from Wanderer’s Paean

Pioneer and Doctor

by Kim beggs

Kim Beggs - vocals, guitar
Anne Louise Genest - vocals
Keitha Clarke - violin

Pioneer and Doctor
EEodelee aayday
Living by the river
Watched the sun go down
One last time
By the old fires burning

Hear him playin’ his violin
Hear them singin’
The old songs
In my heart keepin’ time

Minstrel and thinker
EEodelee aayday
Can’t make a living playing the wood
Heard about that the world was round
Time to set sail
Follow the sun

Sailed west on the ocean blue
EEodelee aayday
To a place where they felt brand new
Far and away from our view
And crooked smiles
Left us behind

They made it across the blue
Here's how I know
I hear him playin’ his violin
I hear them singin’ Singin’
Old songs
In my heart ain’t so blue (keepin time)

Singing old songs
By the new fires burning