From the recording Wanderer’s Paean

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Kim Beggs | Lyrics from Wanderer’s Paean

Shipyard’s Song

by Kim Beggs

Kim Beggs - vocals, guitar
Kim Barlow - banjo
Bob Hamilton - upright bass

As I wondered through our old neighbourhood
I scoured the ruins for a trace of where you stood
Looking out your window looking at me looking at you
Through the panes all cracked and shaded blue

Through the rain we could see each other
In the bitter cold we could be friends
It’s because of this place that our worlds skimmed enough for us to fall in
And that we could build something from all our broken pieces

Weaknesses hold strong together
It’s the magnitude of need that keeps it steady
But the mortar can worn away or shattered or negotiated
By the aggression of progression and greed

They want to get rid of the filth, the junk and the ugliness
Take the waterfront from the people just like every other city
Follow the path of destruction, cover up the past with a blacktop
Give it to them with the money so they can build a big box

One by one they took their toll upon us
They tore our houses down just to be sure
As the walls came down around us, our insides turned to dust
Oh the devil, let loose upon our souls

Sure they found most a sliver and land outside the city limits
But starting from scratch is not easy when you're on a pension
The shock of the change and the burden, was too much for some to handle
It crept up behind them and pulled them six feet under

As I wandered through our old neighbourhood
I imagine my home and yours and hers and theirs
What ever happened to us, it wasn’t so long ago
That we could be found laughing along the river
Laughing along the river