1. Bus Driver

From the recording Streetcar Heart

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Kim Beggs | Lyrics from Streetcar Heart

Bus Driver

by Kim Beggs

Kim Beggs - vocals, acoustic guitar
Bob Hamilton - standup bass
Bodra Eliah - vocals
Gene Brown - pedal steel
Annie Avery - Leslie Hammond B3 organ
Lonnie Powell - drums

Runnin’ away for awhile,
There's not enough sun here
I wanna straighten my back
And lighten my load.
Riding the bus, feeling the lines
In my face
Given way to this motion.

I’m goin’ to California,
The best way I know how
With my songs and my guitar,
And a flowery gypsy friend
The Good Jazz Girl wanted to come,
Cause wouldn’t it be something
If we could all dance
with Old Neil Young?

I’m broke but I’m not poor
Bus driver, you’re gonna get me
To where I’m goin’
Bus driver, is gonna get me
To where I’m goin’

On my way,
Gettin’ on down to the Bay
There’ll be flowers in my hair
When I get there
Thirty-five years too late,
To hitch a ride in his truck
When he went down to LA

You’re the one who smiles
And tips your cap
Highway-lover like me
-You tell me
Take space and stretch out Girl
That’s how you dream
And it’s mostly dreams
That fuel this bus