1. Quicksand Man

From the recording Streetcar Heart

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Kim Beggs | Lyrics from Streetcar Heart

Quicksand Man

by Kim Beggs

Kim Beggs - vocals, acoustic guitar
Bob Hamilton - standup bass, acoustic guitar
Gene Brown - pedal steel
Jimmy Salt - drums

You’re not alone
It didn’t take long,
you were never alone
From bakery to bakery,
no walkin’ in between
Did you even feel me go?

I still feel it
The piercin’ in my heart
The only other time
I ever felt so bad
Was when I thought
it was good to be with you

Did you ever walk the talk?
Pseudo-feminist intellectual
Quicksand man from academia
Sucked me right in

We went out one night
I finally gave into your calls
You spoke so well
I couldn’t even hear what
My guts were telling me

Did you even see me?
Was it only yourself
you could see?
Did I only reflect you weakness?
Oh baby, you weren’t ready for me

I need freedom
I need relief within my heart
Truth respect and excitement
And a love to go a long, long way