From the recording Streetcar Heart

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Kim Beggs | Lyrics from Streetcar Heart

Keep Comin’ ’Round

by Kim Beggs

Kim Beggs - vocals, acoustic guitar
Bob Hamilton - dobro, standup bass, acoustic guitars, telecaster guitar
Jimmy Salt - drums
Anne Louise Genest - vocals

I had a lover this winter
He learned to build
a fire in my stove
I learned to dress pretty
but then he
Went back to the city

Sing it up baby,
keep coming ’round
Sing it up baby,
keep coming ’round
I want you

On the street in your
black and your slick
Holding hands with
your carpenter chick
I’m all covered in
sawdust and glue
But I like walking with you

I got a hollow in my heart
I cried away all my water
And left you with
a kiss so dry
I thought our love might die

He left me standing strong
In my boots like
I never stood before
He showed me a way
Like it was always there