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Kim Beggs | Lyrics from dog=god


Lyrics by Lulu Keating & Karen Hines with Kim Beggs
Music by Kim Beggs

VIOLIN: Lisa Lemberg

Produced by Kim Beggs & Lisa Lemberg
Engineered and mixed by Lisa Lemberg

I dream of a god.
I dream of a dog.
A four-pawed god.
A furred pedagogue.

You furred pedagogue
You teacher who teaches
In a dogmatic manner
With god-like dog features

I hear your call. I heed your cry.
Spear me, spare me.
Snare me, share me
Summons me
With your perfect sigh.

Dog is alive. Dog is afoot.
Dog is in everything, visible and invisible.
Indivisible. Lick and lick
And wet-nose sniff

Preferred by the gods.
Bone-fed and fancy-feasted.
You bison- supped, sweet moose-bone mangler.
Chew me to pieces. Why don’t you?

You devour my corpse.
You eat my wish bone
Then race in first place
To bring my honour home.

As gods and dogs un-dead sleep with us
In city warrens you sleep on beds
You want another biscuit?
Till you’re biscuit-fed.

Teach me to fetch.
I live to serve.
You are in me.
God-like dog
I like you are in me.