Yukon Fresh A.i.R Exchange

The annual Yukon Fresh A.i.R (Artists in Residence) Exchange (YFAIRE) 2021 will be held from August 2 – 11, 2021.  This will be a 10-day event that brings artists from all over the Yukon together to create, collaborate, connect, perform and share knowledge at inspiring locations in Yukon. The 2021 the residency/workshop will be held in Tagish, Yukon at the 6 Mile River Resort. 

We are honoured to be hosting this artist exchange on Carcross Tagish First Nations Traditional Territory. 

Professional artists of all levels (emerging, mid-level, advanced), throughout the Yukon inclusive of cultures, geography ages, genders, spirits and physical abilities (as per the venue is able to provide in the rustic outdoors) will be selected to create new works during YARAW in Tagish, Yukon. Each artist will also facilitate a workshop as well as mentor, share artistic creations and performances throughout the event. The artists will be available for mentorship consultations to participants and to one another. Artists will be creating their new works in the open air so that other artists and participants can observe their practice. 

The transference of artistic ideas and techniques through workshops is one part of the Exchange but also giving time and space for artists to create new works and evolve their artistic practice and development. Another very important component is giving time and space for artists to connect with one another through planned discussion circles, peer mentorship and through observing one another’s new works coming to life and being presented. Expanding the depth of connection among artists is this very aspect that strengthens and extends the creative fabric in the Yukon. 

The Yukon Fresh A.i.R (Artists in Residence) Exchange brings exposure in the form of creativity, profound conversation and sharing about the arts and also community. These conversations take place on porches, around campfires, down by the 

Tagish River, and walks on dirt roads, over the bridge and throughout the community. YARAW will become a go-to event for these kinds of exchanges, for artists from all over the Yukon, for Tagish residents, for tourists and folks who come to Tagish to work. This ten-day event also gives opportunity for people from Tagish to connect in an intimate atmosphere. These profound exchanges take place at any time of day and night. It is truly magical and memorable. 

We are thankful to the Yukon Arts Fund, Great Yukon Summer and Culture Quest via Government of Yukon; as well as various businesses, organizations and individuals who have contributed their support and enthusiasm for this significant artist exchange and event. 

Funding Applicant Statement 

Wandering Scarf is an Artist Collective created in 2020 whose mission is to support and instigate contexts that evoke possibilities for positive social change explored collectively through arts creation. Its founding members are: Nicole Bauberger and Janice Durant. 


Kim Beggs 

Yukon Fresh A.i.R. Exchange Producer 

Please visit http://www.facebook.com/yfaire