Welcome to the Keno City Music and Art Workshop - Jun 18 - 25, 2018!

Keno Club is as not-for-profit organization based in Keno City, Yukon and are the administrators of the Keno City Music and Art Workshop among other projects. 

It’s On! Keno City Music, Art and Literature Workshop June 18 – 25, 2018 

Download the registration form, fill out on computer then email to kenocityworkshop@gmail.com 
Registration form: Keno Registration Form 2018.docx

Download: Keno City Tentative Schedule.pdf 
Download: Keno Workshop Program SMALL.pdf 

Keno Community Club presents eight professional artists will spend one week in Keno City creating new works as part of their Artist-in-Residency as well as facilitating workshops and providing one-on-one consultations with participants. 

Each evening the AiR’s will collaborate with the registered participants to showcase visual and performance music / art. These occasions will take place at historical venues in Keno City as well as at campfires. 

The result is a full week of creativity, mentorship, performance, and experimentation for registered participants and the Artists-in-Residence. There will also be time to sleep, hike, explore, share, and relax. 

All participants are expected to be self-aware, to be respectful to others’ space, and be independent and responsible for their own safety, shelter and meals. This is an opportunity for adults to have sacred time and space in their lives, away from the fast lane. 

Absolute beginners as well as established artists of all genders are welcome to join in the fun. 

All supplies for workshops will be provided but bring your own favourite supplies for your own creation time. 

Things to bring: laptop, personal recording device, digital camera or other, your favourite paintbrushes, pens, HB pencils, utility knife, ruler, cutting board, and extra paint supplies if you intend on creating added paintings or works. There will be a few supplies for sale in Keno at the Corp and Ryan building headquarters. Also bring your own guitar and any other musical instruments you intend to play during your time in Keno. If you do not have a guitar, please get in touch and we will see if we can find you one to rent or borrow. 

Artists in Residence 

Visual Artists in Residence 
Ø Helen O’Connor (YT) 
Ø Jackie Irvine (YT) 
Ø Maya Rosenburg (YT) 

Musical Artists in Residence 
Ø Claire Ness (YT) (music and clown) 
Ø Driftwood Holly (YT) (music and art) 

Literary Artists in Residence 
Ø Lulu Keating (YT) (literary and film) 
Ø Peter Jickling (YT) 
Ø Rohan Quinby (QC) (literary, photography and music) 

Workshop Roaming Alumni Artists 
Ø Cindy Harder (YT) (music) 
Ø Dieter Weise (YT) (music, art and literature) 

Ø Kim Beggs (YT) (music and art) 
Registration Form 2018: 

Your Workshop Week 
· One Demo recording of your new song per week 
§ Six evenings of music and art celebrations (your participation is encouraged) 
§ Four hours of one-on-one consultation (or lessons) in art/music /literature 
§ Six art card prints of one of your own works of art (you can order more) 
§ 18 x two-hour music and art workshops (three per day) 

Workshops (mark X beside all that you are interested in taking) 

Helen O’Connor (Whitehorse, YT) 
___Paper Making 
___Mixed Media Collage 

Jackie Irvine (Faro, YT) 
___Painting Gold Pans - acrylic 
___Painting Yukon Fireweed – acrylic on Canvas 

Maya Rosenburg (Whitehorse, YT) 
___Creating Colorful Mandalas with Music, Acrylic on Canvas 
___Mosiac: How Art Can Make Out Community Better 

Claire Ness (Whitehorse, YT) 

Driftwood Holly (Dawson City, YT) 
___How To Set Your Stage for Performance 

Lulu Keating (Dawson City, YT) 
___Basics of Writing 
___Editing and Publishing 

Peter Jickling (Whitehorse, YT) 
___Strategies for Reading Poetry 
___How to write Poetry 

Rohan Quinby (Montreal, QC) 
___Contemporary Haiku 
___An Introduction To Narrative Images (photography) 

Cindy Millerasco (Mayo, YT) 

Dieter Weise (Dawson City, YT) 
___blues guitar 

Kim Beggs (Whitehorse, YT) 
___Polymer Clay Bead making (FIMO) 
___Beginner Guitar 

Anything missing? Let us know! We might be bale to make it happen in consultations 


Four x 45 min mentoring lessons per week, are included in your registration. Place an X beside your top 4. 

Helen O’Connor 
___Cyanotype printing 
___Art critique 

Jackie Irvine 
___Acrylic painting techniques 
___Colour mixing 
___Glazing techniques 
___Landscape composition 
___Basic preparation of materials - colours for landscapes 
___Basic set-up of your work area, what is needed etc. 

Maya Rosenburg 
___Private art lessons in acrylic 
___Giving feedback on progress and perspective and advice. 

Claire Ness 
___Stage Performance 
___Navigating the Music Industry for Beginners 
___Grant Applications 

Driftwood Holly 
___Private music lessons 
___How art is received. 
___Branding and marketing 

Lulu Keating 
___Read work and give feedback (focusing on the positive and being encouraging) 
___Submitting to magazines and newspapers and getting literary representation 
___Applying for grants 

Peter Jickling 
___Giving feedback to others on their writing 

Rohan QUinby 
___image-making (photography) 
___creative writing 
___writing creative non-fiction about history, the environment, and anything else. 

Cindy Millerascap 

Dieter Weise 

Kim Beggs 
___Guitar—Beginner Rhythm 
___Song Critiquing 
___Music Theory—Nashville Number System 
___Using the Stomp Board 
___Jam “Etiquette” 
___Professional Recording 
___Applying for grants 

Accommodations and food not included. 

Accommodations available include: 

The Silvermoon Bunkhouse. Most rooms at the bunkhouse have two single beds. Some Queen rooms available. They have a full, shared kitchen for your use. Shared washrooms and showers. www.silvermoonbunkhouse.com 

Camping at Keno Campground is free for the week. Out-houses, shower and laundry house available in town. Loonies and Toonies required. http://www.travelyukon.com/Plan/Operators/keno-city-campground 

Keno City Hotel - Limited rooms It is currently block-booked for the Artists-in-Residence. Some artists may choose to find their own cabin; in this case, some rooms will free up. Most rooms have one bed. Shared washrooms and showers. www.kenocityhotel.com 

Keno Cabins have two cabins available for nighly or weekly rent. (867) 995-2829 

or email Janice at jrobinsonperrin@gmail.com 

Restaurants in Keno include: 
Keno City Hotel Restaurant - two meals per day 
Sourdough Bar and Grill –one meal per day available for purchase. 

The closest nursing station is in Mayo. 

Kim Beggs 
Artistic Director/Producer